Art at Palazzo Albrizzi (Albrizzi Palace)

The first edition of the exhibition titled “Creative Energy – Between Abstraction and Figuration”, in parallel to the 57th International Art Exhibition – Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennial) “Viva Arte Viva”, hold in Venice from June 17th to July 23rd 2017, at the exhibiting spaces of the first floor gallery of Albrizzi Palace,  historical setting  that also hosted, on the ground floor, the Guatemalan national pavilion.

The exhibition is an important showcase where all the works ensure the visitor an experience full of perceptions, able to lead him to feel  a global dimension.
Visual art that is represented in this exhibition, is an important sample of the contemporary creativity and expression of very high international artistic value.
A stage that compares different artistic disciplines, where art meets the viewer.

The exhibited works  find place in the official e-commerce website, in order to have the opportunity to be directly purchased by the visitors.

The event will be advertised through the medias,  with pages dedicated to the exhibition, posters, brochures, rollers ect. The exhibition includes works of painting, sculpture, digital art, photography, drawing, works on paper  and other categories of expression.